Journey of a Roach – fantastic adventure of a roach

A human’s life is very complicated, there are many things to do every day, and in order to succeed without becoming a loser, it is necessary to become a master in each of the activities. This way of existence implies a long training and stability in the circumstances.

So people are always very concerned with the question – what Future awaits us? One version of the future, in which, however, there is no room for humans, is simulated by the computer game Journey of a Roach.

The world after the nuclear apocalypse

Only certain species of fungi, blue-green mold, certain trees, and… yes, you knew this  – the most common kitchen cockroach can survive in such a world. The cockroach is practically indestructible.

  • In a world without people, a Roach has two pieces of news – one bad and one good.
  • The bad. The great food base in the kitchens of Homo Sapiens is gone.
  • The good. Nobody puts poison on the baseboards or sprays choking gases.
  • Conclusion. We will have to find food and survive on our own, not rely on a table set up in the kitchen every night.

So, the character in Journey of a Roach will have to learn how to survive in an unknown world where things are not the same as they were in the blessed and nourishing past.

The game is in the style of a survival but from the perspective of a small cockroach, which makes the challenges of the passage even more interesting.

And who guaranteed that when you enter a parallel universe, you will be in the same body as you were at home? Why should you be? This is another world, because its dimensions are mixed up and even time does not flow the usual way.

Or maybe it’s your Soul reincarnated into a tiny cockroach after your body had burnt in a nuclear war? That’s your Karma. And in order not to get into trouble, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance for a new round of personal evolution.


Our cockroach in the post-apocalyptic universe will have to demonstrate wonders of ingenuity and the ability to instantly adapt to the most difficult circumstances.

And in this case the vague memories of the past life in a human body with a huge cunning brain will come to the rescue.

  • Initial data. In the post-apocalyptic world Jim the cockroach finds himself not alone, but in the company of his friend Buddy.
  • It’s always more fun to be together, and a friendly hand will always help in a difficult moment.

Two cheerful friends sneak into a bomb shelter after a nuclear war, where there are plenty of food supplies and all sorts of useful things to help fight obstacles and uncork cans of canned food (here with warmth we can recall the two-legged man who always cooked his own food and left it on the table for us).

  • That’s what a poor knowledge of basic things means – a bomb shelter can only save from a nuclear explosion if it is carved into the rock at a depth of 400 meters.
  • One man’s stupidity is another man’s food not only for thought, but also for stomach.

Cockroaches don’t seem to have figured it out yet, so they’re nostalgic about the Promised Land and desperate to get to the surface, to their home, where kind people will feed and water them.

This is what Journey of a Roach is all about. A return to a happy world that no longer exists. Reminds me of the philosophical Journey to Ixtlan.

But never mind. Better to continue to survive in a 3D world – because a cockroach can easily climb walls and ceilings.

  • There are no hindrances for our heroes!

Along the way, characters encounter puzzling quests and attempts to master human tools, escapes from vicious and horrible mutant insects, funny jokes and funny situations.

Journey of a Roach has colorful cartoon graphics and a dizzying race through three dimensions, almost with the feeling of flying in a supersonic fighter jet.