How to Grow Pumpkins in Minecraft

In Minecraft, pumpkins are a fascinating crop. They have unique growth patterns that differ from most other crops, and understanding these patterns is essential to avoid frustration. Pumpkins have multiple uses in the game, such as creating snow golems/iron golems, making jack-o’ lanterns, trading with villagers, using them as headwear, and producing pumpkin pie. This guide will provide the necessary materials and instructions for growing pumpkins in Minecraft, including details about their growth process.

Materials Required

To start growing pumpkins, you’ll need pumpkin seeds. They can be obtained from chest loot found in dungeons, mineshafts, villages, and woodland mansions. Pumpkins can also naturally generate in the overworld in most grassy biomes. Additionally, pumpkin seeds can be found in pillager outposts.

To grow pumpkins, you should till the land using any hoe, as a better quality hoe doesn’t increase crop yields, just durability and block breaking time. Any expendable material will work. Although pumpkins don’t need water or hydrated land, it’s best to hydrate your farmland efficiently and avoid losing pumpkin seeds.

Although it’s optional, you can use bone meal on the pumpkin seeds to speed up the process. Please note that while the bone meal will not make the pumpkin grow faster, it can eliminate the time needed for the stem to develop.


Step-by-step Instruction

  1. To get pumpkin seeds, you need first to find a pumpkin. There are different ways, such as looting chest loot, raiding villages to obtain pumpkins, or stumbling upon them in a grassy biome. If you come across a full pumpkin, you can convert it into pumpkin seeds using the crafting menu.
  2. To grow pumpkins from seeds, choose a location for your pumpkin patch. Keep in mind that pumpkins grow differently than other crops. They will not grow on the same block as the seeds but will grow next to the stem. Ensure that you have at least one adjacent block of space available (if you want rows of pumpkins) or all four adjacent blocks of space available (if you want fast-growing pumpkins).
  3. To start farming on a chosen piece of land, equip your hoe and right-click to till the land and create farmland.
  4. Afterward, put a water source block close by to hydrate the farmland. This will prevent the farmland from drying and allow you to cultivate all the desired pumpkins.
  5. After you have placed water, you can plant your pumpkin seeds on the farmland by right-clicking while holding the pumpkin seeds. Remember that the pumpkin can only grow on grass, coarse dirt, farmland, or dirt blocks.
  6. After planting your pumpkin seeds, you can use bone meal to make them grow faster. Select the bone meal from your hot bar, and right-click on the pumpkin plants to speed up their growth. You can observe different maturity levels of the pumpkin stem below.
  7. Wait for the pumpkins to grow after your pumpkin stems reach full maturity. Using bone meal at this stage will not help the pumpkin grow faster. Remember that a light level of 10 is necessary for pumpkins to appear, so place torches or glowstone near the stems to ensure enough light.
Pumpkins in Minecraft

Important aspects

When using torches, the light level decreases by one for each block away from the torch, and a torch’s light level is 14. If you break the pumpkin that grows from a single stem, it can generate an infinite number of pumpkins, and you won’t need to replace the stem unless you break it. Finally, note that bone meal only boosts the growth speed of the stem, not the pumpkin itself.

How often do Pumpkins Grow in Minecraft?

It takes 10-30 minutes for a pumpkin stem to grow in Minecraft, equivalent to half a Minecraft day to 1.5 Minecraft days. You can decrease the growing time by leaving all four adjacent blocks open for 10 minutes. If the block the pumpkin is trying to grow on is invalid, the internal timer will be reset, and the pumpkin may fail to grow. However, the pumpkin will eventually grow if at least one open adjacent spot exists.

Are Pumpkins rarer than Diamonds?

No, pumpkins are quite common. If you had to bet on finding a pumpkin or a diamond first, you would most likely find a pumpkin unless something unexpected happens.

So, growing pumpkins can be more challenging than other crops, but it’s worth it if you want a steady supply. Pumpkins can be used for trading, making pumpkin pies, or decoration. Knowing how to grow them will help you plan how to cultivate your world.