How computer games and mobile apps help us learn

The popularity of video games grows every year. This is the reason why the debate about the benefits and harms of these modern entertainments has not yet stopped among scientists and psychologists. Many children and adults spend quite a lot of free time at the computer, which is the reason that using gambling to effectively teach or acquire any skills is a new, modern method of raising and developing people of all ages.

Studies have shown that some types of computer games stimulate brain activity and increase the speed of completion of a certain range of tasks. Games can also help people learn foreign languages, as well as humanities and science. It’s a fact that makes schoolchildren and students happy. After all, they are the audience that uses games as their main passion in life.

However, there are many social problems. Doctors, parents and teachers agree that many video games have a negative impact on the immature nervous system. They also provoke violent behaviour in children and adolescents. It is estimated that there are more than two billion gamers in the world today. It should be noted that some sociological organizations have made dependence on these activities a list of serious illnesses that may require specialized and qualified treatment from doctors and psychiatrists.

How virtual entertainment affects the human brain

Numerous tests have confirmed that video game lovers can observe several moving objects at once. In addition, such people have an improved ability to spatially think as well as visualize two-dimensional objects.

According to many researchers, gamers have the skill to allocate attention and time and can react to multiple impetuses simultaneously. Their brains flexibly switch from one task to another and quickly find the optimal solution in difficult situations.

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How to combine virtual entertainment and learning

In this article, we described how computer quests and shooters can help people in the process of training specialists in different fields of activity, especially if their job is associated with a heightened level of attention. Through such entertainment, people began to notice an increase in their ability to absorb information quickly. They learn to coordinate their activities correctly so that they remain calm.

In this situation, the question of whether or not to use computer games in the classroom is still relevant. Many educators argue that play improves brain abilities and helps people learn the school curriculum faster. On that basis, we should not forget that such games should not involve violence, much less death, by their plot.


While the prospect of introducing video games into the learning process is encouraging to gamers, we can assume that the strengths of computer entertainment are still overestimated, and we should not forget what they really drag out with their plot. Their general strength is an excellent motivational component, and this is a factor that educators should not ignore when raising children. The developers actively interact with each other and create programs that not only take their minds off reality but also sharpen their cognitive skills. There are such apps that make life easier for modern people too. Those who prefer to order meals delivered at home can download app called Salad. You can also download videos free of charge and without installing additional software using an application such as Bitchute Video. It is intended for use on devices with different operating systems.