Games with advanced graphics

Gamers and critics can evaluate graphics in games by many criteria. Among them are high resolution and detail of small objects, as well as a beautiful colour scheme (which shapes the mood of the user); comfort in the process of perception and search; fixation of attention (in shooter games); visual of landscape and location (in strategy and tactics games); level of filling with colourful special effects (fantasy games and fantasy games).

Some critics refer to realistic perception as the main criterion of a high-quality game. Once upon a time, in the cinema, introducing colour and sound and then increasing the screens, adding special effects like wind and vibration in the auditorium, was intended to bring the image on the screen as close as possible to the world around the person.

Realistic graphics help users to achieve a full-scale scripting immersion and self-identification of the gamer with the game character. This is exactly what television and cinemas dream of. They like to observe the lives of film characters and interact with them interactively instead of being passive onlookers.

Games with the best realistic graphics

Realism is not the factor that developers must copy the surrounding reality into the context of the game with maximum accuracy. In fact, such a method was artistically incorrect. People go to movies and play computer games to take their mind off the boring routine and immerse themselves in their dream world for a while.

Therefore, for you to think of the fantastic landscape of a distant planet or the events of the Middle Ages as realistic ones, you have to understand the term graphics correctly.

In this article, we will describe which games have the highest-quality graphics.

  • Series of Crysis, 2008. This project is one of the earliest pioneers in the field of computer games reality. It was in the context of this game that users first admired the fact that the adventures of fantastic characters in extraordinary exotic worlds in each episode looked as if they were taking place right outside the gamer’s own window.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2. 2018. An astonishingly detailed drawing of landscapes and characters, weapons and clothing from the Wild West surprised many gamers in that year. Today, however, historians argue that the well-established idea of the Wild West is merely a fiction of movie producers. Nevertheless, in this game, this fictional world is fully alive and real, where people love each other passionately, fight for their ideals and die.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II. 2017. In this project, developers paid a lot of attention to improved and beautiful graphics. Against the background of a fantastic picture, the central elements look pale, such as the plot and gameplay.

The problem is that realistic graphics uses a huge amount of hardware on every computer and each new one requires powerful machines to implement on the screen, as well as the most up-to-date.

However, computers have also changed and now they are no longer similar to their ancestors from ten years ago. If at that time the fashionable computer was really a quality apparatus, then modern computers became simply «monsters» in relation to them.

Specific types of visualization

Some games that have top quality graphics are on our list because of their uniqueness.

God of War is a game that has realistic graphics but was released a decade ago. The developers received great awards through a combination of sound effects and excellent graphics, which resulted in a synergistic effect and an unforgettable impression from gamers.

L.A. Noire is a project with a beautiful harp that, however, does have cartoon visualization. Therefore, the detail of the characters’ facial expressions is almost indistinguishable from those of living people in different emotional states. Fear, hate, falsehood and truth are very clear features of this game.