Bee Simulator – find out how bees really live

In 2017, computer game developer VARSAV Game Studios and publisher Nacon released a new project Bee Simulator, in which the user can feel all the pleasures, hardships and deprivations of life of a real bee from the hive.

It is a known fact that bees have more than a million eyes and they see reality differently than humans do. It is always useful to change your point of view from time to time to discover new facets of existence and perhaps even to make a great discovery that is useful and beneficial to yourself and humanity.

How’s that? History tells us that the inventor of the zipper came up with the idea of this innovation, which dramatically changed the world of clothing, once got tangled in a bush in the meadow and had a hard time tearing off the fruit with thorns stuck to the sweater. Yes, yes, zippers are based on the principle of thorns.

What about bees? Bees give humans delicious and healthy honey, but how do they harvest it?

That’s what you have to learn in the Bee Simulator.

Bee Simulator in action

There are several game modes available in the simulator.

  • Single user.
  • Play against multiple players (one against all).
  • Act as a team – with friends and acquaintances.

In the game a character will have not only to sleep in a cozy and warm hive, but also diligently fly around in search of honey plants and fragrant flowers.

Protect the common bee house from ants, wasps and other predators, wishing to easily get a taste of honey and at the same time eat the hard-working bees.

The game Bee Simulator belongs to the genres of adventure, casual and simulation at the same time. So a gamer will enjoy some intense hours at the computer screen.


Do you like to sleep until lunchtime, or even longer? Alas, you are not welcome here. Just for your information, the hive seals all entrances and exits tightly as the sun goes down and opens with the first warm rays of light.

  • There is a strict hierarchy in a bee swarm, and each species has a predetermined role to play.
  • The rank-and-file bees are the main collectors of honey and defenders of the hive from enemies.
  • The queen bee controls everything and everyone in a hive and produces the little bees.
  • The drones, well, everyone knows who the drones are.

However, if the role of the drones were not so important, they would be kicked out of the hive on all four sides, wandering in the cold wind and in the wet rain along with the lonely flies and mosquitoes.

At the initial stage, beekeepers will instruct the novice honey harvester in detail. What, how, when and where. And what not to do under any circumstances.

And remember the main thing – the well-being and survival of the whole swarm depends on the accuracy and precision of the performance of duties, on the vigilance and diligence of every single bee.

So pay attention to everything that is going on around you when you go on a free flight in search of flowers and pollen.

Also, a breathtaking race for the prize of the fastest, nimblest, and most productive worker awaits the new bee.

But the main activity of the ordinary bee is to fly around, explore the field, collect pollen and deliver it to the hive.

In general, according to user reviews, the game Bee Simulator is not difficult, but very educational. You can fill up your knowledge base, learn more about the peculiarities of bee hive life, if you happen to have skipped this lesson in high school biology.

The game is perfect for not stressful time killing while waiting for friends, in lines, on public transport, at the airport and the train station, when you need to kill time and your brain does not want to engage in any activity.