Travels of a little spider Webbed: looking for adventures

Many people think of Homo Sapiens as the crown of Nature and put the freeze on animals, birds, and insects. However, the tiniest creatures always have a lot of things to teach us. We just need to carefully observe the Nature around us.

That’s what happened to the development team of a computer game Webbed – made by an Australian company Sbug Games. Watching the local Nature, which is by the way very versatile and unusual, the Australians paid attention to an interesting behaviour of one species of Australian spiders.

The result is a fascinating and even romantic story about a cute little spider Webbed, who finds itself in a difficult situation and begins to show wonders of agility and efficiency to get out of it for the joy of all.


The game Webbed – an unusual user platformer, the plot is based on a romantic relationship and fascinating, dangerous adventures of a spider in love.

Why are you surprised? Reproduction requires not only a sufficiency of food, but also Love. So, let’s begin.

  • One day a young spider was spending time in the company of its beloved boyfriend-spider.
  • Unfortunately, a bowerbird flying nearby (famous for its sharp eye and attentiveness, high flight speed) noticed spiders frolicking in the bushes, and made a combat interception of lovers who were distracted by cute nonsense.
  • As a result, the spider was left in sad loneliness.

Our nice little heroine did not lose heart, did not despair, but bravely went in search of her beloved.

Along the way, the heroine encounters many dangers, but also receives help from various local creatures, which are also suffering from the predatory behavior of the bowerbird.

On the way the little spider has to use a cobweb to move from branch to branch, weave whole nets, communicate with good ants, build a robot to defeat the evil bird terrorizing the inhabitants of the wild forest

What you can do in Webbed

There are many activities and they are varied and so exciting that at the end of 2021 the game Webbed was recognized as the game of the year in Australia and won many prestigious awards.

  • Accurately shoot laser webs.
  • Weave nets.
  • Collect dung balls.
  • Get acquainted with insects and involve them in a battle with an evil bird.
  • Have fun dancing at a forest party.
  • Fly on a thin web wherever you want.

In general, if you do not yet love spiders in the way the developers of Webbed games love them, then you will definitely begin to protect and cherish them in the closet after spending some time jumping from branch to branch.

This is exactly what many users, who bought a license for the game Webbed and felt all the charm of spider life, write about. At the same time the game recommends to get acquainted with the richest Flora and Fauna of the Green Continent and to enrich the knowledge of Nature.

The game is characterized by pleasant, unobtrusive, but fascinating, moderately complex gameplay, excellent graphics, and the skills of spiders and other inhabitants of the Australian fauna, which are based on real examples.

The plot is full of merry dancing and funny pranks and jokes. So the difficult task of defeating an evil bird turns into a pleasant pastime.

The plot of the game Webbed develops from simple to complex with a clear increase, but not to infinity. And the numerous reviews says this with regret:

  • «Interesting! Super! But why does it finish so fast?»

My dear friends, good things always come to an end quickly, because otherwise there would be no time left at all for useful things and work.

And most importantly, the atmosphere, the mood of the game Webbed is very kind. Even the most disgusting representatives of the Australian fauna can cause sympathy and even love.