Best games for PS2

The second generation of SONY PlayStation 2 was released more than twenty years ago and has since become a bestseller. Because of sales, this console was considered the best-selling console of all time. In addition, the best games for the PS2 became the biggest sales leaders. They were popular and sold in stores until 2011. It was in 2011 that users bought more than 150 million games for this console.

The best PS2 games surpass PS1 projects in many ways, and this is a natural process. PlayStation 2 remained on the market for thirteen years, and this is a record time in the field of computer gaming.

The best PS2 game in history

The best PS2 game list is a familiar one for modern video game fans. The point is that SONY developers were able to try and attract new business partners.

As a result, an interesting console was developed that many users liked. It has many legendary projects, and now, we will show you only a short version of the list of best games for PS2.

  1. Shadow of the Colossus. It’s a 2005 game. The developer is Team Ico. It has a puzzle and an action-adventure style. It is a game of legend and masterpiece that has popularity even today and in all corners of our planet. The plot of the game is replete with battles against the so-called Colossuses, which follow the worthy adversaries in the territory of the Fantastic Universe. During these battles, you will have to try to find the most vulnerable of the monsters that will attack you. A dynamic solution to riddles and quests will follow after that. The colossus is creatures that have enormous growth and strength, and therefore you will have to reach their vulnerable points and hit it with your sword, as well as perform the dizzying tricks of a true climber that will bring you high risk in your life.
  2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. It’s a game of 2003. The developer is Atlus. It’s an RPG with a complicated, complex and fascinating story. The popular style of teenage horror films that chose to try out in mysticism simply because of boredom is what the game took for the basis. First, the characters will show you their characters by their behaviour at school, at parties and in the process of regular communication. After that, they will decide to summon the otherworldly forces with a card combination. Ghosts possess the ability to mutate and interbreed, resulting in monsters being born that are even more frightening, cruel and treacherous. We can say that this is a great interactive horror movie that is optimal for engaging in a lonely, cold evening.
  3. Silent Hill 2. This is another interactive horror, which is dark, as is its name. Experts call this project the highest quality work of art in the interactive horror genre. This is the project that must be on the must-have list of every good gamer. The plot of this game will tell you how the character moves around the world and survives in an environment of danger. This game will change the narrative and style of the story and will show you six ways to complete it.

Thus, some PS2 games were of such high quality that they could now compete with several horror films from the 1990s.

Horrors is not the only option

Our list of best games for the PS2 contains another game. This is a project by a developer named Hideo Kojima. This is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a Cold War story that takes place in forests that contain many terrible dangers. This project has a wide-ranging plot and many cut-scenes.

Contemporary critics often refer to a period when the best games for the PS2 were popular, the golden age of the video game industry.