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“Best country ham I have ever eaten! Such friendly, knowledgeable service!”

Mary T.

     Scott Hams are produced with no Nitrates, Nitrites, or Monosodium Glutomates (MSGs) in any of our products except for summer sausage and turkey. Our old-fashioned country hams are cured on a livestock and grain farm located near Greenville, KY. Hams have been cured on the farm since 1910; however they were not produced on a commercial basis until 1965.  Our hams are a genuine country cured product.  A dry-cure method is used.  Each ham is placed in a salt mixture for a given period of time at a controlled temperature.  Our hams are then washed, prepared, and then hung to dry.  Following this, we go to the woods and cut green hickory. Our hams are then smoked until the desired pecan-brown color is achieved.  We are proud to say that all of our hams are aged 9-12 months.  We also sell bacon and sausage!




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Genuine Country Hams

Produced near Greenville, KY since 1910, our country hams have won numerous awards and accolades around the country.
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